Monday, February 2, 2009

foodie chat: let them eat pancakes!

February is National Pancake Month! I don't know how pancakes deserve a whole month of dedication (like why isn't there a Cupcake Month or a Biscuit Month...), and why it falls in February (shouldn't it be Chocolate Month since it's Valentine's?), but what the heck, it gives all of us a justifiable excuse to go out and indulge in some comfort food in the midst of this miserably chilly winter. One of the recommended places to celebrate this is Clinton Street Baking Company on the LES, which will be serving special flavors like blood orange peel & bittersweet chocolate on weekdays throughout the month (check out their website for the full calendar). The best part is that the pancakes are served all day until 11pm, so get ready to have some breakfast for dinner!

Besides pancakes, February is also the City Bakery's annual hot chocolate festival. This year they've come up with some intriguing flavors like banana peel, beer (!), and ginger. There are also some funny names that I have no clue what flavor it represents (Hot Chocolate A-Go-Go? Will it empower you with Grease dance moves? and Love Potion Hot Chocolate on Valentine's Day? maybe you should try it on your crush and see if it works!). So whether some of these will taste finger-licking good or simply weird (banana peel...), I'm definitely marking my calendar to try at least one special hot cocoa or two!

February... mmn... the month of evil sugary temptations...

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