Monday, March 2, 2009

sweet escape

Second day of March. 7 inches of snow. 18 degrees F.
You start fantasizing about golden beaches and the Caribbean sun.
Then you step out for a cup of coffee and a gust of wind blows straight into your face. Reality check: you're still stuck in the city that is now covered with black snow.

It's time to give yourself a little treat. Book a flight, leave the debts and worries behind, and escape to your dream destination. Be it a cultural experience in London or an exotic retreat in Puerto Plata, don't forget to travel in style. This retro-style fuchsia suitcase is a must-have for all you fashion junkies out there (it also comes in four other colors). It's a less expensive version of the Globe Trotter luggage, but it is equally eye-catching and hard to miss at the baggage claim. Featuring the classic double buckle strap design, the suitcase even comes with a gold built-in lock! The only drawback? It's only available in Japan for now. So you might wanna consider taking a trip to Japan and give yourself an excuse to shop more.

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