Monday, March 30, 2009

v for visionaire

I wonder how many people have already seen Hussein Chalayan's "from fashion and back" exhibition that's going on in London right now, but it's such a mesmerizing experience (even for the boyf who's as clueless about fashion as I am about cars...) that I have to share some of it.
By definition Chalayan is a fashion designer, but his actual work is truly innovative and forward-thinking; incorporating new technology and materials other than fabrics to express his concepts through the medium of clothing. His collections are often inspired by ideas drawn from many different disciplines, from science to architecture to anthropology. Cultural identity is a recurring theme in Chalayan's work, who was born in Cyprus and then grew up in London. Besides fashion, he also expresses his vision through film projects and art installations that are shown in the exhibit as well. "His uniquely interdisciplinary approach makes him one of the most inspiring designers working in contemporary fashion."

"Before Minus Now: S/S 2000" - exploring the relationship between mankind, technology and natural forces

"Airborne: F/W 2007" - LED dress consisting 15,600 LEDs combined with crystal displays

"One Hundred and Eleven: S/S 2007" - revolutionary changes in fashion over the last 111 years...clothes magically transformed from one style to another within one single show

*"From fashion and back" is going on at the Design Museum in London until May 17, 2009.

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