Wednesday, March 25, 2009

whatever lula wants, lula gets

If there's such thing as travel withdrawal symptom, I'm definitely suffering from London withdrawal sickness. There's not a day passed by that I didn't reminiscent about my 4-day weekend there ever since I returned home. Those vintage Vivienne Westwood dresses at Rellik, the lovely sales staff at Liberty, my intoxicating 2-hour shopping experience in the Oxford Circus Topshop (let's hope that the NYC one will live up to its hype!), the eclectic mix of Indian curry houses and vintage stores on Brick Lane, and the gorgeous sunny weather that is almost unheard of in the city of fog. Everything just seems to be a little better when it's said and done with a British accent.
Take Lula magazine for example, a lovely fashion magazine that comes out twice a year. Hard bound and printed on fancy glossy paper, it may well be a coffee table staple. I love it because it fulfills all my childhood fantasies of what grown-up fashion should look like. It's like flipping through a fairy-tale picture book, but better and even more whimsical! And the styling is incredible yet effortless, almost like raiding your mother's closet and mixing in with your own funkiness to create that perfect high-low, new-vintage balance. Everyone should have a bit of Lula inside them...

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thimbles and gingham said...

lula is great, isn't it? i 4 day weekend in london also sounds great. lucky!