Sunday, May 17, 2009

jump - jump - jump-!

I came across this poem from a series of old nursery rhymes that I had bought from the Dumbo Flea a while back, and I just want to share it because it's the cutest thing I've encountered all week. Hopefully it'll help lift up everyone's spirits to jump start the new week!

The Little Jumping Girls

Jump - jump - jump -
Jump away
From this town into
The next, to-day.

Jump - jump - jump -
Jump over the moon;
Jump all the morning,
All the noon.

Jump - jump - jump -
Jump all night;
Won't our mothers
Be in a fright?

Jump - jump - jump -
And leave behind
Everything evil
That we may find.

Jump - jump - jump -
Over the sea:
What wonderful wonders
We shall see.

Jump - jump - jump -
Jump far away;
And all come home
Some other day.

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