Monday, June 8, 2009

everybody needs a little sweetness in their life

What's a better way of beating the Monday blues than a little bit of sweet indulgence? Introducing CakeSpy - a sweet escape (literally) from your otherwise mundane work day. Cakespy, a.k.a. writer/ illustrator Jessie Oleson, creates probably the cutest cupcake artwork I've seen. I'm not the biggest fan of cupcakes out there, but I do have a huge soft spot for most things sweet, and Cakespy's cute and clever illustrations simply melt my heart. I first came across them at last year's Renegade Craft Fair, and bought a set of assorted note cards (featuring art work like crafty cupcakes, Valley of the Cupcakes, and "Let them eat cupcakes" version of Marie Antoinette). This year Cakespy was back again at the Fair, with a wider selection of artwork and stationery. That cupcake meets unicorn magnet is now hanging on my little white board and it just makes me smile every time I look at it because it has all the blissful elements in it - cupcake, unicorn, stars, rainbows, clouds and hearts, who wouldn't smile?!

I might just need to get this set of Bedford stop note cards (fittingly titled "Hipsters waiting for the L train") and use them as farewell cards when I leave nyc later this year. Oh billyburg you will be missed, but not you L Train.

Images: copyrighted artwork by Jessie Oleson. All Cakespy items can be purchased at her etsy store.

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