Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fashion parody

Ok, so I couldn't resist. I gave in to the summer glossies even though I know the July/ August issues are always thin (and so not worth the $3.99) and even though I promised myself to spend money on actual books for my summer reading... that's what happens to magazine addicts like me when I pass by a news stand. Among the July issues that are out, GQ definitely snapped the most eye-catching one with a nude Bruno (sporting man bangs) , and aka Sacha Baron Cohen, on the cover. Yes, you heard me right, a flaunting male actor for the magazine's first nude cover. Cohen has to be one of the most dedicated comedians out there... the things he'd do to play his character! Read here for Bruno's "advice column" for all you men out there (gay or straight) by GQ. Quite hilarious.
And now for some serious fashion, and serious hotness. Ed Westwick models the timeless pieces from the upcoming fall collections in the same issue. Classic look is back, gentlmen.

Images: GQ magazine, July 2009 issue

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