Wednesday, June 17, 2009

little miss dandy

Spotted: vintage bow tie turned necklace on The Uniform Project

Sheena, a.k.a. founder of The Uniform Project, is wearing this dandy vintage bow necklace made and donated by none other than me (*blushing*), and she totally rocks it with her preppy ensemble.
Thanks Sheena, for making it look absolutely adorable especially with your embroidered vest!

my DIY result: vintage men's bow tie converted into necklace

To all you crafty people out there: donate your accessory for a good cause!

Top image: The Uniform Project


mikomiao said...

most excellent work! she rocks the rockin' necklace.

Genevieve said...

did you donate it?

Theresa said...

Very cool!!!

umama said...

I saw this on her site.. Insanely adorable!

by char C said...

thanks :) maybe this bow-tie necklace will catch on a trend!

my little Aura said...

love it!