Saturday, June 27, 2009

one big balloon

Jumpsuits are ubiquitous this season. I love them, but in a sea of jumpsuits (or rompers, or playsuits, or onesies, however you wanna call this one-piece style) available this summer, one must not get drifted away too easily. Mass retailers like Topshop, H & M, and Urban Outfitters all offer some really cute and affordable versions, but my heart is set on getting two and only two styles: a versatile mono-tone which I can wear day to night, and a bright floral vintage one. Until I find one that fits perfectly into one of my 2 categories, I shall not get tempted (although Urban does have some nice strapless pantsuits...). And a few days ago, the search (well, one of them), has ended!
I got this awesome, balloon-ish jumpsuit from Amarcord Vintage, which is actually a re-make of an 80's vintage piece. It's one of those things that you need to try it on to understand how brilliant the cutting is, because on the hanger, it just looked like a huge potato sack. Well, it is still sack-like on person, but the bunching on the thighs and the gathered neck give great contrast to the roominess. Plus, everything looks better when there're pockets. Can be worn with or without a belt (perfect for those "i feel fat" days), with heels or sandals or combat boots; so basically it can be worn for any occasion. It's just so much fun! Definitely something that you can goof around with (and hence breaking out my nerdy vintage specs from Fabulous Fanny's...).
But right now, I'm going to rock some MJ dance moves in this to commemorate the superstar. *RIP.

Picnik collage


The Divinitus said...

Great buy, this is awesome b/c of its color and volume.

by char C said...

yep and you can purchase it online!