Sunday, August 23, 2009

one night only


August has been an eventful month filled with a succession of period-themed parties. Last week was the Mad Men season premiere party at the Roosevelt Hotel, where the lounge was filled with ladies in secretary sheath dresses accompanying men in 3-piece suits topped with fedora hats a-la-1963. Then there was the Dreamland Gala last night at the Green Building to raise money for the fall Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island. I was surrounded by a sea of beautiful people, all dressed in their finest Roaring Twenties outfits, sipping delectable cocktails and swing dancing to the music of Michael Arenella's Dreamland Orchestra. It was quite a magnificent evening, and I felt like I traveled through a time machine and landed at one of the decadent jazz parties in Fitzgerald's stories. The key to a great costume at these period parties is not necessarily about wearing an authentic vintage outfit from the era (although that helps), but more about embracing the spirit of the time. Obviously it's hard to repeat that same poise and elegance from back in the day now, but I want to believe I radiated a little bit of that free-spirited exuberance of a 1920's flapper, at least for one night.

*Wearing a vintage dress from Amarcord Vintage, Topshop shoes, and sparkly head piece borrowed from mom.

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mikomiao said...

you are definitely espousing the vintage spirit here. you look fantastic!