Wednesday, October 7, 2009

zip zip away!

The zipper has played an inseparable part in clothing since its invention, making our lives that much easier when it comes to taking clothes on and off. Nowadays the zipper is more than just a fastener - it's used in so many different ways that one almost forgets the basic functionality of zipping. Take Michael Kors' latest runway show for instance. Zippers were placed on the garments to accentuate the graphic shapes and to create asymmetry of his signature (and otherwise we've-seen-this-before) sheath dresses.

Or look at fashion's new beloved unisex designer Rad Hourani's strong and edgy spring collection - almost every singe piece in it comes with a zipper and most can be zipped and unzipped for multiple looks. I'm especially in love with those silver zipper-chain leather pants!

Some crafty geniuses even take the zipper usage to another level - transforming this everyday object into beautiful accessories and jewelry. Designers like Kate Cusack and OutsaPop have been using zippers to make avant-garde jewelry and were probably some of the first ones to make such accessories as zipper-flower brooches and zipper-chain necklaces so popular now. I especially love it when the zippers are recycled from used clothing.

This fall I got my hands on some wallet-friendly zipper accessories - a bow headband from Topshop and a necklace from Style Hurricane (pictured above). Thanks to Jennine who posted her gorgeous zipper cuff by Style Hurricane on The Coveted that immediately became something I covet! The necklace I bought is not as elaborate but it's a unique piece of jewelry that could go with any outfit.
So let's zip away this fall!

zipper collage

Images via, refinery29, Style Hurricane


xtinagirl said...

I love love love this post! I just purchased a mini zipper headband and I'm hoping to purchase something from that blog too! :)

Cute blog girl.


by char C said...

thankss i know i love all the zipper accessories out there now!