Saturday, November 21, 2009

pieces of april


You know it's time to start thinking about Christmas when you hear Jingle Bells playing in stores. As the holiday season is approaching, festive trinklets and ornaments are appearing everywhere and boutique windows are flooded with sequins and beads and all clothes sparkly. Makes me happy because this is the one season I could wear all the bling and glitter I want without being labeled tacky or showy. Diamonds are a girl's best friend but I say sequins are any girl's (with or without a budget) best friend.
A few weeks ago I was at the Brooklyn Flea doing my usual treasure hunting and I saw these really pretty beaded/ sequined fabric trims from one of the vintage vendors (which is also my vintage-partner-in-crime, J. Rice's favorite place for old laces and trimmings, though I never remember what it's called...). There were three pieces of the fabric, one longer than the other two, and they were exceptionally sparkly and shiny under the sun. The entire thing was all hand beaded, and the stitching at that back tells me that it's an old piece - I'm guessing it could be at least 50 years old! I wasn't sure what I'd use them for at the moment, but it was too pretty to pass on, plus I'm always a sucker for hand beaded or hand stitched vintage pieces... so I bought all three of them, gave one to J. and kept the two shorter ones for myself.

I made one of them into a headband, by adding a black grosgrain ribbon on both ends so that I could tie around the head and make a bow at the end. A constellation of jewels on my head! How fun is that. And the other piece I'm planning to add a ribbon as well but just long enough so I can wrap it around the wrist as a cuff. More sparkly accents everywhere!


Wearing a vintage blouse from Rokit Vintage, sweatshirt dress, and vintage necklace.


WILDasaMINK said...

I'm so excited about the sparkle, glitz, and "glam" the holiday seasons allows us to wear! Your headband turned out fabulous, it really looks great; you're so darn creative and crafty!

by char C said...

me too! i'm sooo excited for holiday season dress up galore, and excited to see everyone's glam outfits too!!! thanks for the kind words nickie :)