Thursday, December 3, 2009

a piece of nature


Only 21 days until Christmas! Which also means I only have 3 weeks left to finish all my x'mas shopping, and I still haven't got a clue as to what to buy for my loved ones.... The problem with present hunting for other people is that I always end up finding something I like for myself instead. And of course I would make up some ridiculous excuse like "reward of the year for myself" or "buy now, save next year" to justify my purchases, because you know, I could always use a new wallet, another clutch, a Diana flash, a camera strap, another pair of booties...... and the wish list goes on. Good thing I am half-broke right now so I need to spare the money to spend on real x'mas presents, otherwise I would have click click clicked away and kept on adding to cart while browsing through numerous online gift guides.
Anthropologie has an especially "well-curated" gift guide this year. The gift categories are fun and different, and as always, the visual merchandising of the gift items is really pretty and enticing. I was having so much fun browsing each page of the gift section and then there it is! I saw my ultimate wish list item, right there, under the "marvels & wonders" category on the Anthropologie website; the barky turntable. Isn't it just such a beautiful object? And imagine having that in your living room to play your favorite Beatles record? Oh, absolutely heavenly.
But for now, since I neither have my own apartment nor the money to own the turntable, I'll just keep it as the no.1 on my wish list (it's called "wish" for a reason) and be happily contented using my own imagination.

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UnoCosa said...

i am so very bad with gifting as you menioned, i've managed to find things for me rather than others, ahaha!!! the barky turnable is the collest thing - my partner is DJ, this might just be the gift :-)))

good luck and can not wait to see what you have come up!!! xx

Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

mikomiao said...

and since when do you own a record? ;-)