Sunday, December 13, 2009

somewhere over the bridge

My she hit pause. studios Polaroid print finally arrived in the mail today! I love all the prints by photographer Matt Shwartz, but I chose this one titled "white legs + bridge" because of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. I like how the Bridge is not the main focus of the image, kinda looks like it just happens to be there, and yet you can't mistaken it for anything else. It warms my heart a little to have a piece of Brooklyn imagery close to me. And as a little tribute to my good times in New York, I have compiled a mini list of some of my favorite things/ food/ activities in the sleepless city (also just in time to go with New York Magazine's "Reasons to Love New York" article). *Everything on the list is solely based on my personal experiences and preferences, and so it's purely for the joy of sharing. Feel free to agree or disagree.

Favorite coffee places:
* Gimme! Coffee - all drinks!
* Ninth Street Espresso - iced mocha
* Oslo - soy latte

Favorite brunch dish:
* August - German pancakes
* Locanda Verde - 8-hr tripe with fried eggs
* Ouest - omelette souffle

Favorite sweet & salty marriage:
* Mast Brothers Chocolate - dark chocolate w/ Fleur de Sel
* Kumquat Cupcakery - maple bacon cupcake
* Greene Ice Cream - salted caramel pretzel (tied with Kumquat!)
* Saltie - buckwheat olive shortbread

Favorite Bánh mì sandwich :
* Nha toi - pho bánh mì
* Saigon Bakery - classic roast pork
* Xie Xie - fish chaca la vong

Favorite high-caloric indulgence:
* Fette Sau - any meat on the menu
* Momofuku Milk - Arnold Palmer cake
* Shake Shack - 'shroom burger + flavor of the day frozen custard

Favorite cocktail:
* Dutch Kills - Pimm's fruit cup
* Mahayeul - all margaritas
* Raines Law Room - a bonus point for the decor

Favorite vintage places:
* Amarcord - okay this is a little biased, but the buyers really have a great eye
* Brooklyn Flea - thrifting and great deals
* Narnia - a cool mix of high and low end vintage

Favorite jewelry finds:
* Brooklyn Flea - vintage at reasonable prices
* Catbird - for something different
* Doyle & Doyle - antique jewelry and delicate gems

Favorite shopping streets (plus neighboring blocks):
* N. 6th Street, Williamsburg
* Lafayette (between Howard and Bond), Soho/ Nolita
* Orchard Street, LES

Favorite weekend activity:
* Brooklyn Flea - yummy local eats and vintage hunting
* Brooklyn Bowl - awesome hang out place
* Union Pool - drunk photobooth session

Image via she hit pause.studios


UnoCosa said...

oh! darling this is such a coooollll post with a lot of information!!! just in time for holiday traveler :D!!1 - i am sharing this at UnoCosa's Facebook,


Jessy said...

what a terrific post! i returned back home to Australia from New York a handful of days ago and your list makes me miss that frenzied city.

Gimme! Coffee was such a find! glad to see it has another fan.

love your blog, would you like to trade links?

x Jessy

by char C said...

glad someone share my love too! I could go on and on with the list... there are just too many wonderful things to love in this city!