Monday, March 1, 2010

real women have curves

The skinny model issue has been a huge debacle in the fashion industry over the years. With the arise of anorexia and the possible adverse image influence brought about by sheet-thin models, countries like Spain are banning the use of models whose BMI (body mass index) is lower than 18; organizations like CFDA are educating about eating disorders and healthy dietary; and designers like Mark Fast are embracing the curves of plus-sized models on his runway. There's no real definition for beauty anymore (since either way people will judge anyway), but a dose of healthy and natural became desirable. And with the Mad Men frenzy still hovering in the air, women aren't afraid to show off their assets anymore (in an appropriate manner that is), just like how corsets and crinolines and pointy bras used to do for women in the 50's and 60's.
Prada, of all people, decided to celebrate the natural curve of women, this season. There were ruffled tops and nipped-in waists to emphasize the upper body, and what's more, instead of the skinny underage models often seen in her shows, curvaceous models favored by Victoria's Secret (see Ms. Miranda Kerr) were trotting down the runway in some of the most feminine, yet classic pieces by Prada. It is a quiet revolution led by Ms. Miccuia Prada, not so much about the body weight of the models, but about showcasing her signature cuts and familiar prints in a new perspective.
In any case, seems like the Joan Holloway effect is unstoppable still.

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