Friday, February 13, 2009

21, 21

21 birthday cakes! 21 piñatas! 21 balloons! What better way to showcase the 21st collection of experimental brand Slow and Steady Wins the Race than this festive presentation? Probably most known for its line of shoes and quirky sunglasses, the label is presented as a bimonthly clothing diary that focuses on one specific element of clothing design each time.

For its latest show, titled "Birthday", Slow and Steady wins the Race chose to present at Kiosk, a design shop tucked away in the busy streets of SoHo that exhibits and offers a curated range of everyday products from around the world. Yesterday, this second-floor store space was transformed into a festive birthday party, with silver helium balloons hanging against the ceiling, confetti and adorable piñatas spread across the table, and birthday cakes that were actually being served to guests! While one may easily get carried away with all the bubbly and icing, let's not forget the main focus of the event - the clothing! Each piñata actually holds an item from each of the brand's past 20 collections (and one for this 21st "birthday"), and is available for sale when the show ends on Feb 20th. You won't know what you're getting until you break the piñata, how fun! All we need is a little surprise and wackiness in fashion these days :)

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