Saturday, February 14, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

Thanks to sites like and, one can watch all the fashion shows online almost instantly at the comfort of being at home (which could be way preferable than running around town in killer heels from show to show). My personal Day 1 review:

Crowd Pleaser: Jason Wu

Thanks to our First Lady, all eyes are being laid on Jason Wu this Fashion Week and every one is dying to see what this 26 year-old designer will come up with. Without disappointment, Wu continues to deliver his pretty, sophisticated looks down the runway, many of which could easily be sported on Mrs. Obama again. The statement pieces still fall on the evening gowns, which are dreamily romantic and almost springlike, but can easily be seen in any uptown social events (or White House events in this case) all year round.

Personal Favorite: Rag and Bone

Not because I occasionally tie my hair up samurai style - which is the inspiration behind Rag and Bone's collection (the samurai, not the hair), but because I absolutely covet that boxy navy jacket worn over a pleated miniskirt, because they cleverly redo their signature riding pants in leather, and simply because I would dress in every single look any day of the year.

Best Accessories: Rachel Comey

Personally I'm a little disappointed by Rachel Comey this season -- her signature prints are still fun and whimsical as usual, but some of the silhouettes just seem overly bulky for an average woman, like the double-layered chunky cardigans and the boxy tops. The head pieces, on the other hand, happen to outshine the clothing. Both the furry and the slouchy knit hats add a sense of style and comfort to any winter outfit.


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