Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Day 4

Revisiting Disco Fever: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has left me almost speechless (and I could imagine many of his fellow show audience) with his collection, wondering if I just saw a fashion show or a disco dancing 80's movie - in high definition that is. Padded shoulders are back, along with pant suits, neon coats, disco-style prom dresses, lurex leggings and high-waist pants. But the 80's would not be complete without the era-defying hairdos: bouffant, faux hawks, gel-slick ponytails, asymmetric wavy bangs. You name it, Marc delivers it.

The New Power Suit: Donna Karan

Donna Karan's collection is a confidant one, as if it were a message telling all women to stay strong in these hard times. "Understated luxury" may be the term that best describes it -- nothing flashy or gaudy - but when the girls walk down the runway in buttery leather overcoats, cashmere knits, and bear paw gloves (yes, bear paws!), you know they're not the kind of women to mess with.

The Perfectionist: Carolina Herrera

There's a lot to love about Ms. Herrera's collection: the textured fabrics, the cocktail sheaths, the jewel-toned jackets; but most of all, it's the put-togetherness of the outfits that makes it shine. Just like the wardrobes of those ladies who lunch, every piece is coordinated meticulously - but with a dash of color or a clash of prints here and there (strategically) to spice up the elegance.

Images: style.com

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