Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Day 6

Day 6 is tough... can't decide which ones to talk about!

Almost Famous: 3.1 Phillip Lim

If MJ successfully transported us back to the eighties, then Phillip Lim took us on a journey to the Swinging Sixties. The collection was a hodgepodge of Beatles uniform (check out the models' perfect bob!), swing coats, Bohemian chiffon print dresses, and brocade pantsuits, all done in a Lim's usual modern and glam style, and accompanied by indie singer Lissy Trullie's band. Think of his clothes as being the solution to your 15 mintues of (pop/indie/Brit) rock fame.

What Women Want: Proenza Schouler

It's darker, sleeker, and cooler than ever. Proenza Schouler's latest collection proves that the design duo are still staying strong in the game. The outerwear in the beginning is amazing - luxurious, well-fitted, and all the right details in the right places - but the best of all, they look comfortable. Even the final evening dresses look comfortable and completely wearable as much as they are sexy. Hernandez and McCollough really know how to make a women feel cozy in their clothes.

Underdog: Richard Chai

Richard Chai's collection is focused and directional: graphic prints on dresses, shoulder emphasis on jackets, slouchy fit on slimming trousers, and a little bit of fur to accentuate the look. It is the kind of effortless chic that every woman is looking for.


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