Thursday, March 19, 2009

hop hop hurray

I've always taken an immense liking towards bunnies ever since I was a kid, whether it's the real animal, a cartoon figure, a plush toy, or simply the bunny ears. I tried keeping them as pets when I was about 8 or 9 (actually three times over the course of two years), but eventually gave up when my last bunny died only two weeks after I took it home from the pet shop (and don't get me started about the other two times... tragic memories). Still, my love for bunnies prevailed, and these days the fashion world seems to share my love as well.
Inside Luella's flagship store in London, a cute wooden bunny, dressed in the designer's clothes and holding a matching purple clutch, sits quietly on a chair welcoming customers who enter the shop. Its presence immediately adds a fairy-tale-like fantasy to an otherwise ordinary shopping experience.

Over at Louis Vuitton's latest show in Paris, Marc Jacobs continues his trend of heavily accessorized looks, but this time with bunny ears! Models walked down the runway with cutesy over-sized bunny ears on their heads -- totally unexpected and whimsical! The average Vuitton customer may find it a bit too little-girl-like, but it certainly is a cheerful touch to a rather grim retail season going on right now.

Cheers to all bunnies!

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