Friday, March 6, 2009

what lipstick shade are you?

Some women wear only one signature lip color to define who they are; others switch their lipstick like they change their underwear. Ever thought about choosing a lipstick according to your zodiac sign? Poppy King, founder of the glamorous lip makeup line Lipstick Queen, analyzes the attributes of each star sign and matches them with a complimentary lipstick shade*.
Born under the Aries sign, I'm excited to find out that coral is my suggested color. I have been wanting to experiment outside of my comfort shades of pink and berry, but never found the courage (or reason) to purchase a bold new lipstick color. Plus bright lips are making a big come back this spring, so thanks to Poppy, I have an excuse to shop for a coral shade lipstick in hopes of achieving that gorgeous Betty Draper look circa 1960's.

Some great choices for coral shades are: Lipstick Queen's Sheer Lipstick in Saint Coral (above left); Vincent Logo Wetpearl Lipstick in Crystal Coral (above right); Dior Addict Lipcolor in Regal Coral; NARS Lipstick in Spiced Coral

*Wanna know which lipstick shade you are? Click here to find out.

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Market Publique said...

I love Lipstick Queen. Not sure what shade I am, but I did buy the Saint Rouge :)