Sunday, April 26, 2009

365 ways to wrap your head?!

It's 90 degrees and smelting hot today but while everyone else was enjoying the first warm, sunny weekend at the beach, I chose to spend my day blasting AC and lazing around in my room. Lately I have been really drawn to turbans (perhaps inspired by Grey Gardens), especially vintage ones, and have been scouting around for them, so with some free time on hand this afternoon, I decided to experiment with the different ways of DIY-wrapping my head. I pulled out my vintage Missoni scarf that I got from Amarcord since it has this nice pleating effect, and just started wrapping away. There were some unsuccessful attempts (either looked too awkward or wouldn't stay on), but in less than 20 minutes I managed to pull off several looks, and here are the results:

1. Turban style - this is the closest I've got to wrapping a turban, but it still needs to be perfected
2. Braided headband style - this is probably my favorite look
3. Little Eddie style - ready to rock the Grey Gardens
4. Hippie style - simplest way to wrap the head on a bad hair day

I'm not sure if I would rock all of these styles on a normal basis, but it was surely an entertaining activity to amuse oneself on a hot day like this.

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