Monday, April 13, 2009

from paris with love (via london)

My birthday is coming up in a few days but I am not particularly anticipating it... perhaps due to this theory of mine that once you hit the age of 21, the excitement of turning a year older diminishes marginally. This theory has been holding true for quite some time until maybe up to half an hour ago, when I anxiously opened the package that I received in my mail today (which I was half-expecting because of that stupid "failed to attempt on first delivery" DHL slip). It was your regular brown parcel, sealed with brown packaging tape that reads "Browns" on it, but oh! What wonders were hidden inside this dull packaging! As I tore the parcel paper apart, there, sitting on my table, was a beautiful blue shoe box fastened with a black ribbon, which upon untying, revealed my very first pair of Lanvin shoes.

I've always wanted a pair of Lanvin ballet flats - after all they are the queen of designer flats (the king is still Alaia, hands down). Of course, I've never gotten around to allowing myself to splurge on them, so to receive them as a birthday present is a wonderfully touching gesture from the boyf. We both would have preferred the turquoise version (as seen on Maggie Gyllenhaal as a dress) but then in the end it would probably have been too recognizable of a print. I'm loving my new shoes anyhow and hopefully they will bring me some good luck as I turn a year older.

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