Wednesday, April 15, 2009

little giant

I have this thing for a certain type of movie character - the shy, nerdy, even borderline loser type of guys. Case in point: Micheal Cera in Juno, Paul Dano in Little Miss Sunshine, Jason Shwartzman in Marie Antoinette; I love them all. I can't explain what attracts me really, it's not the looks, definitely not the body, and not the attitude either, but there's just something quite charming and quirky about these characters. So when I found out about Gigantic, a new romantic comedy starring Paul Dano and the ever-so-lovely Zooey Deschanel, I was quite curious to see what sparks could happen between the two actors. The storyline is indeed a little bit strange, and Deschanel doesn't really have the greatest filmography (which is quite unfortunate), but maybe it will be a good break from all the teen comedies (um, Zac Effron in a non-HSM movie, Miley Cyrus on the big screen... ?!) showing right now.

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