Friday, June 12, 2009

art for love

The first time I saw Alexander Calder's jewelry was at the Elise Øverland Fall 09 fashion show (I didn't even know he had a jewelry line before then!), where the designer borrowed the late artist's sculptural gold necklaces and crowns from his grandson (and her friend) to complete her downtown-glam looks. Unfortunately the jewelry seemed to have outshine the clothes, but who wouldn't be staring at those over-sized, organic necklaces! Now Club Monaco, like me, has also fallen in love with Calder's work (his artwork or his jewelry, well I can't speak for them), and is set to release twelve necklaces - all Alexander Calder inspired - for fall. These bold, statement-making pieces are absolutely fab and will easily transform any outfit into a stunning look. They will be in stores in July and August, so mark your calendars (I'm marking mine)!

Images:, refinery29

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