Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sixties heat

Season 3 of Mad Men isn't coming out until August, but the lack of summer TV has already made made me mucho looking forward to its season premiere, and this eagerness has somehow translated into a crave for the sixties style again. It's hard not to find something to like from that decade, since there was such an explosion of styles intermixed together -- transitioning from the 50's cinched waists to the mod, futuristic mini skirts and eventually budding into flower power psychedelic.
During my compact 2-day visit to Toronto, I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours for some vintage scouting (thankfully many of the stores are concentrated in the downtown Queens Street W area). I scored an adorable 60's boxy top/ jacket at I Miss You, a well-organized, well-lit (I give extra points to vintage shops which don't try to sell you things in dim, slightly deceptive lighting) boutique with a fine mix of vintage selection from $10 printed scarves to $600 YSL dresses. There's also a rack full of sequined and heavily embellished gowns and dresses which probably makes it the go-to place for weddings and parties. This 60's top I picked up is by nobody - no label, no name, and looks like it's hand-made by a Susie homemaker 50's housewife - but I absolutely love it! The jacquard pattern on the fabric is lovely, it's extremely well-made, and those over-sized bronze buttons are the real highlight - so Marni-esque! Throw on some summer shorts plus my custom-DIY Marni necklace and bejeweled shoes it'll look like it came straight off the racks of Barney's. Or, with the aid of a push-up bra and in a little framed purse in my hand I could probably fake my way as a 60's secretary...... Good morning, Mr. Draper.


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mikomiao said...

cute sister. i forgot to tell you that tonight.