Thursday, July 23, 2009

the barbie issue

Apologies for the lack of posting this week, mostly due to my 48 hour-long battling with low sodium levels and combat with impossible headaches combined with icky hospital beds and dreadful long waits. But then again, it could be worse. At least I had my sister's accompaniment (a great comfort), surprisingly decent hospital food, and I knew when I got out I would already have all the August issues waiting for me.
Remember around this time last year, Vogue Italia came out with the talk-about-town Black Issue that was sold out everywhere in the world?! Well, this year they did it again, only this time around, they celebrated Barbie's 50th anniversary with a Black Barbie issue. Amazing stuff...

Biker chic Barbie - not your ordinary pretty-faced doll-look
Because owning a Barbie also fulfills your own shoe fantasy
(even though the shoe size is 50 times smaller)
Who's got a better physique than the perfectly toned Barbie?
Tres chic Barbie tourists shopping in Europe
The inner-housewife as portrayed here in this 50's poster
And of course you can't leave out the va-va-voom glittery glamour!

Images: The Barbie Issue, Vogue Italia, August 2009

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umama said...

Love it!! what an amazing spread!