Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cheap n chic

So I've been reading this book on fashion published in 1975 called Cheap Chic that I borrowed from work, simply because the title seems fit for consumers' take on fashion in the current economy. Indeed, many of the topics and tips that the book covered still holds true today; for instance, invest in classics, shop in thrift shops but splurge on shoes, frequent army-surplus stores, stay away from synthetics, use your imagination, understand your body and study your personal style, accessorize! accessorize!, and as Diana Vreeland describes "live correctly and take risks."

My favorite section is the chapter titled "Wrappings", which demonstrates the endless possibilities of how fabric can be wrapped around the body with a simple tucking and knotting. With a flimsy piece of cloth, you can make yourself a turban, a bikini, a halter, a bandeau, a sexy wrap skirt, a hooded scarf, etc, etc, depending on the wrapping style.
Just like what Little Eddie Beale used to do.

Some more words of wisdom from some greatest fashion icons of all times whom the book interviewed:
"Style is everything. Style is the most important word. I think we've lost some of the sense what 'fashion' means. But I'll tell you why I don't think fashion is over....... Fashion is a rhythm controlled by the economic and social conditions of the times, and neither our social nor economical condition is very good. But I do think that clothes today are very pretty. There is a repose, a charm about the new clothes." - Diana Vreeland

"A mixture of serious and giggle, a good balance in life for me." - Yves Saint Laurent

Monsieur St. Laurent's cartoons of his mischievous little cartoon character Lulu - didn't know he had such a great sense of humor!

All images: copyright of Cheap Chic by Caterine Milinaire and Carol Troy

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