Monday, July 13, 2009

etsy doodle-do

I have decided to post regular etsy features (or at least for now) simply because there's so much goodness on the site constantly! I can spend hours and hours browsing through the numerous artwork + accessories + crafty projects + illustrations created by crafty and artsy members of the etsy community (and I haven't even got to the vintage section yet)...
This time I stumbled upon flapper doodle - adorable illustrations of 1920's flappers (the 2 characters are named Eloise and Romona) by Kate Gabrielle. The drawings are daily depictions of the lives of these 2 Louise Brooks-look-a-likes, and they're always full of humor and at times larger than life. But I love them mostly because if I were born in 1929, I know I would totally look like Eloise (or Romana, I can't tell one from the other), rocking a perfect bob and a flapper dress and yea, riding a hot red Vespa.

All images by Karen Gabrielle @ flapperdoodle. Her etsy shop has prints in all different sizes and a really cute letter set that makes me want to abandon emails and find a real pen pal again!

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