Thursday, August 13, 2009

wonder lip gloss

The level of technology applied to cosmetics nowadays truly marvels me. Every time I walk into Sephora, there's a new ingredient that claims to make your skin 10 years younger, or a new mascara that actually helps your eyelashes grow (which is also kinda freaky). One could only imagine the amount of money spent on R&D on cosmetics these days. But how about applying some of that technology onto the make up packaging as well? Artists and fashion designers (Christopher Kane, Tsumori Chisato, and even Alex Wang have all been on board already) are the hot collaborations with make-up brands now, coming out with pretty designs and covetable packaging (which I admittedly am a sucker for), but not nearly enough attention has been paid towards the ergonomics of product design. We could all use a little extra convenience in our beauty routine, no? After all, I'm thankful for my pump-able eye cream to rescue my hungover puffiness when my nails are too long to dab inside a jar of cream, and that retractable concealer stick (anything that saves me the trouble of using a brush!). But nothing beats this new lipgloss by Madina that I've just got. May I present you the Wonder Woman of lip gloss.


So my mom actually gave me this lip gloss, which she received from a friend as a gift. But being the traditional lipstick kinda lady that she is, lip gloss rarely makes it to her make up pouch. Hence benefiting me, because one can never have too many lip gloss. Madina is an Italian cosmetics company. I haven't seen much of it here in the U.S., but it's pretty big in Asia, especially in Japan. This particular lip gloss actually came in a pretty drawstring gauze pouch, which upon unveiling I see a mirror on one side of the rectangular tube. Smart, but the mirror n' lip stick thing has been done. But then when you twist it open, ta-da!! You see the wonder...


It lights up! There are 2 miniature lights inside the cap of the gloss stick that automatically turns on when you twist open the tube. And this, may I say, is pure genius. How that lighting thing exactly works I cannot tell you. But I already know this will be my next best friend for parties and clubbing and fancy dim-lighting dinners. This really is the most clever applicator I've seen. With it I can have perfectly glossed lips anytime anywhere, even at pitch-black dance parties.
Goodbye messy out-of-lined lip color, and hello wonder lip gloss!


mikomiao said...

the question is, at a pitch dark dance party, who's going to notice your lip gloss? ;-)

nice photos!

by char C said...

no, but then in case there's any photo snapping activity going on, i'll be picture ready with glossy lips. heh!