Friday, September 18, 2009

looks, wait, belts can kill, quite literally


It's Friday! Plus it's the end of an intense NYFW, so I've decided to have some fun, with my outfit and with my blog post.
So here you can see I traveled back to Portugal, inside the palace in Sintra, a town 20 miles outside of Lisbon city center. I wanted to wear something that would really show off my recycled bullet belt (a present from the boyf who bought it in Edinburgh), so something neutral like a white Tee or a black skirt was an obvious choice. Though I'm always a bit self conscious when I wear this particular pleated mini skirt, since a careless outfit mismatch could easily lead to school-girl uniform nightmare. But I think the girly mini struck a good balance with the tomboyish bullet belt. As British Vogue poses the question of the season: are you going to be a tomboy or a vamp this fall? Well, why can't we embrace the best of both worlds?


*Wearing a Cheap & Chic by Moschino silk scarf, Childwoman T-shirt, recycled bullet belt, Made Her Think bangle + DIY chain, French Connection mini skirt, Topshop leggings, and 80%20 canvas wedges

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Style Margarine said...

Love how your shoes and scarf compliment each other.. :)