Monday, October 19, 2009

sea you later!


Long time no blog! My personal life has been kinda crazy this past week and hence the lack of posting... In less than a month I will be biding farewell to nyc and begin the next chapter of my story elsewhere, so packing up my life here seems to be my priority right now. My dear friends threw me a "Sea you later" party on Saturday, and you guessed it right - it was an aquatic themed party, or at least we intended it to be. At my best effort to look like an under-the-sea creature (and yet not too costumey) , I looked to Dory, the regal tang from Finding Nemo, for inspiration. I love the contrast between the electric blue and the neon yellow, and as if this combination is not flashy enough, I even added extra sparkles to the outfit with my sequined-sleeved top. But it's only fitting to have speckles of light under the sea, right? The party was a blast, but unfortunately my camera went m.i.a. at some point.... so I guess this will be the last of my outfit posts for a while until I get a new one.

love wearing colored tights with these caged platforms!

*Wearing sequined-sleeved Tee by Elizabeth & James, necklace by Warehouse, skirt made by myself, yellow tights by Topshop, and caged platform heels by Topshop.

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Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore that fabulous shoes ,awesome skirt and nice necklaces <33