Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the jungle book

belt collage

Have you ever bought something just because you "feel" like it or because it belongs to a category or theme that you're especially obsessed with that one particular season? Well, I certainly have. As much of a rational shopper I try to be, I also suffer from "seasonal affective syndrome", in this case meaning I get these different random obsessions every season. Sometimes they're what's in trend at the moment, other times they're simply things that I kinda fall in love with for no reason. Last fall I was all about tartan and bows, two years ago was brocade and cobalt blue, and this year, I'm feeling leopard print and velvet (mind you it's not the two together! Although leopard print on velvet could be interesting...).
Leopard print - it's not like I don't have enough in my wardrobe already - scarves, faux fur jacket, flats... but I suppose showing a little more of your wild side doesn't hurt? So recently I got this awesome vintage faux leopard fur belt from (where else but) Amarcord Vintage and it's from the 1930's!! I thought it would go well with my 40's-esque over-the-knee shirt dress.
Here are some of my other leopard print choices for this fall:

Ostwald Hegalson's collection for ASOS. The digital print leggings from this collection have been circulating the fashion blogosphere for a while, but I laid my eyes on that leopard spot trimmed boxy jacket instead. And that metallic blue color is just too cool to be true. WANT!

Rachel Comey's fall 09 collection. This dress is such a modern take on the classic print (which if not handled well, could come off as a bit too Bebe-like). Comey has some really cute pieces in this print this season, along with a line of cheetah print footwear and handbags to go along. It's jungle time!

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Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore that fabulous vest ,nice dress and <3333

WILDasaMINK said...

Leopard print is classic! And I love it, very cool belt.
Least w/leopard you know even when it goes out of style, it will come right back in style the following season--it never really goes away.

Velo said...

i love the blonde hair. =D