Sunday, November 15, 2009

shoe chain gang


I'm finally back in full swing in the blogosphere (well, somewhat full swing) after a week of recovering from jetlag, unpacking, reverse cultural shock, and a camera-less life. I still haven't completely settled in at home yet, but I needed to allocate some online procrastination time for myself before I completely lose touch with the ever-changing internet world - catching up with my google reader, leaving comments on my favorite blogs, and of course updating my own. Since I am still in search for the perfect new camera, I managed to borrow cameras from various members in my family in the meanwhile for my posts.


I'm dedicating my first post at home to these DIY shoe chains that I made a few weeks back in New York. Shoe jewelry isn't a new thing anymore - thanks to brands like Litter SF, Bliss Lau and even Free People - we are now able expand the wearability of an old pair of pumps that we may otherwise be sick of already. While it's not an innovative move to put chains around your ankles/ shoes, and other DIY bloggers have probably also made their attempts, I still wanted to test my own DIY ability. So with a limited budget ($25 was the max. I was willing to spend on the materials) and two pairs of pliers - I made these chain anklets. I tested them out the other day with a pair of vintage red pumps (not shown here) and the chains managed to stay in place for the most part (I like to keep the clasp at the back)! I was pretty happy with the outcome, and seeing how they go with practically every pair of high heels I own (as long as it's not the strappy kind), I foresee a lot of chain action on my feet this winter.


Chain anklets
Materials: two sets of chains, two fasteners, two pliers
Cost: $24
Time: approx. 30 mins

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mikomiao said...

very cute. so now that you aren't so very busy i can expect to receive one a set too right? ;-)

the pics seem pretty clear, not sure whose camera you're borrowing but looks like it's working ok!