Sunday, November 29, 2009

when i was small...


You know how there are certain things or incidents that will always make you smile from the bottom of your heart? Well, if I were to compile a top 10 list of things that make me smile, one of them is definitely old baby/ toddler pictures of myself. Not to be self-indulgent or anything, but who doesn't enjoy looking at their old pictures and reminiscing good times? Whether it's adoring the chubby limbs I once had, wishing I still had that perfect baby skin, or laughing at the "what was my mom thinking" matchy outfits, these old pictures are just really heartwarming every time I look at them. The other day as I was organizing my towering stacks of old photos and memorabilia, I found a small bunch of infant pictures that I've long forgotten, and among them there's one that got me laughing out loud for a good while - this one of me when I was two, all dolled up in leopard leggings and matching leopard figure Tee. Yea, what was my mom thinking putting a 2-year-old in all leopard?!! I'm sure I must have had no clue back then.
Fast forward 22 years to today, I have genuinely developed my love for leopard print (although I would still never wear that leopard Tee...). Here's my new interpretation of the timeless animal print, inspired by my 2-year-old outfit!


*Wearing a vintage hat, vintage cropped jacket both from Amarcord Vintage, T-shirt by izzue, shorts from a local HK boutique, leopard print tights by H&M, and peep-toe booties by Dolce Vita.


Georgiebird said...

Oh what a great idea. I personally love the matching leopard tee and red hat!

Genevieve said...

HAHAHAHA omg i love that photo of you as a kid. ho jeng lor...and im guessing you took that "older version" photo either before or after my dinner partay lolz..

WILDasaMINK said...

I love it! You were the cutest kid ever!!! And glad to see you cultivated your love of leopard at such a young age.

I left an award for you on my blog! Go copy and paste it into yours if you'd like.

Happy Holidays!