Saturday, February 20, 2010

black and white


I finally got to wear my Rodarte x Target black tulle dress. I know it's a little bit late in the game, but I wore it to a family friend's wedding in Bangkok some weekends ago, despite worried that it was going to be just another LBD among a pool of LBDs (it's a wedding reception after all). Thai ladies, however, are as warm in their choices in dress colors as their Southeast Asian hospitality, and they tend to wear bright hues for such cocktail occasions. So, I'd like to think that my black ribbon tulle dress still had its little moment.


If it were MY own special day though, and if I could ever afford so, I'd love to wear an actual Rodarte piece. The Mulleavy sisters' latest collection seemed to offer the perfect white dress for my not-happening-anytime-soon wedding.

Those floaty white nightgown-ish dresses at the end of their AW10 show were so beautiful, they're almost ethereal. The lace leggings, the ruffles, the strands of beads subtly chaining around the body; all evoke a romantic quality without being overly girly or romantic. The attention to detail and the techniques used on each dress are, as always, exquisite. I'm not the marrying kind mind you, I mean I've never really bought the whole concept of marriage nor imagined what my perfect ceremony would be like. But as I've attended more and more weddings, I've started to embrace the holiness of it and figured my wedding would be the one day that could be my excuse to wear a really expensive to-die-for dress. And if there's only one designer dress I could wear, I would love it to be a Rodarte. Even though's review of the dresses "called to mind quinceaƱera parties, corpse brides", I think they'd still make beautiful wedding gowns. But then again, given that I'm an Aries whose mind changes every 3 minutes, this could change when and if I actually get married.

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mikomiao said...

the dress looks cute on you! in the picture in front of the tree it looks like you are wearing one of those white cones in your hair. ;-)