Thursday, February 4, 2010



This is what I wore to have my passport photos taken.
I know, it's a bit random, but I realize I don't really do the jeans+T-shirt look anymore. I mean, the really simple, no-fuss weekend look with just a belt or some bracelets to accessorize. It's not because of my job, since I used to work at a warehouse kinda space, so jeans are almost recommended for daily wear. I guess I just get bored too easily with my outfits?! Or maybe I love my clothes too much I need to make sure each piece gets its round of wear?! My best friend used to say "you're so casual today! you're wearing jeans" whenever I appeared in denim pants, no matter what top I pair them with, and even if I weren't really going for the laid-back look. But once in a while, it feels nice to not have to think about which shirt to go with what pants and what necklace to match that ring.

*wearing Tee and jeans from Topshop; belt from Zara

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Genevieve said...

hahaha you're right. i haven't seen that look on you since when? Form 1?? lol