Tuesday, March 30, 2010

funny face


Spring should be a time to look ahead, to welcome bright new things... but the transition between winter to spring could be sluggish. Lately I have been feeling like that in-between period... perhaps due to anxiety from my new job, or to suffocation from air pollution, or to fatigue from daily routine. Just totally uninspired. But come April, I hope everything will start off fresh! First and foremost, there's my own birthday party to plan. This year I'm planning a big themed party, since it's been over a decade when I last celebrated my birthday at home. After some thoughtful considerations - I settled with vintage 60's glamour as the dress code of the night. Think Nine, or Mad Men (party scene, as opposed to the office wear), or any of the 1960's oldies in glamorous settings. So this editorial in Numero came just in time for my outfit inspirations - Funny Face or Breakfast at Tiffany's?

images via Fashion Copious


vint junky said...

i love Funny Face, one of my all time favourite movies


Fashion-rocks said...

Love the pictures.