Sunday, August 8, 2010

Debuting: purple*bliss mix tape vol. 1

purple*bliss is backkkkkkkk!

That's right... after a 3-month hiatus purple*bliss is back in business (aka. the nerd has returned...), and this time around, it's going to be better, bigger, and juicier...! Well, at least that's the goal. When I decided to take a break from this blog back in May, one of the major reasons apart from having a crazy office work schedule, was because I wasn't feeling as inspired anymore. But then eventually, this lack of inspiration, fueled with a bit of corporate allergy, spurred my curiosity to once again discover things that I love, places that I relish, and people who I enjoy. So here I am, hoping to bring some bliss back.

The revamped purple*bliss will be a little different than what it used to be - this time I'm going to focus a lot more on introducing all the cool stuff, the bits and pieces that make me happy, which hopefully will also make anyone reading this feel the same. There will be regular features like the monthly mix tape, brand interviews, closet raids (watch out my well-dressed friends!), travel tips, foodie chats, trend talks, new & noted must-haves, vintage obsessions, and perhaps even guest posts from my co-blog anneviolet.

As my first come-back post I'm debuting my virgin mixed 'tape'! It has been raining so much in Hong Kong this summer that it's easy to let the gloomy weather wreck my mood, so I have chosen some songs that I think are great for rainy summer days... mood lifters that are soothing to the ears.

photo credits: mikomiao

Song list:

1.  I Won't Forget - Fern
2.  Sing - She & Him
3.  Playground Love -Air
4.  Lilic - Dahlia
5.  Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
6.  Microphone - Coconut Records
7.  Overload - The Cardigans
8.  Give it Away - Zero 7
9.  You and Me Song - The Wannadies
10. Gold in the Air of Summer - Kings of Convenience
11. Hide and Think - Anonymass
12. La Lay del Retiro - Giulia y los Terallini

Hope you'll enjoy my first attempt to a mix tape and do let me know what you think (note file is mpeg format, so readable by iTunes and Quicktime, but not Windows Media Player)! Special thanks to my awesome sister for letting me use one of her photos for my album artwork.

Let's keep the festive summery spirit going....

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eatingsumo said...

oo im so glad you're back :)