Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's happening: play date with the Kouklitas

There's always been an uncanny relationship between dolls and fashion. How many times have we heard a fashion designer say he/she became interested in clothes from dressing dolls at a young age?! Whether it's old-school paper dolls, vintage  dolls, the beloved wide-eyed Blythe, or classic Barbie (or in Toy Story 3's scenario, the well-dressed Ken...), it's always the dressing up part that's most fun when playing with these childhood toys. Nowadays, their clothes have gotten more and more fancy and high-end - what used to be catalogue-style clothing and cheesy costumes have now become Dior gowns and Anna Sui baby doll dresses. Fashion designers are even scaling down their creations to fit these pretty dolls. And now, another name to add to the series of fashion dolls is The Kouklitas - a line of 27" fashion rag dolls conceived by New York based artist Andrew Yang.  

What makes these Kouklitas (the word koukla, I have learned, is the Greek name for doll) covetable is their meticulous likeness to the latest runway collection looks. Love the McQueen gold feathered high-collar coat but know you'd never have the chance to own it? Fear not, satisfy your fashion fix with a Kouklita doll donned head-to-toe in your favorite McQueen outfit complete with the runway hair and makeup! First time I came across these dolls was earlier this year on Refinery 29, and they have traveled across the ocean to Hong Kong. Yang's latest Kouklitas collection is now on display at Joyce, the Fashion boutique in HK, with each doll dressed up in a different designer's FW10 look in celebration of Yang's first Kouklitas book. I was at the book launch last night to witness the fashion dolls and got to see the doll creator in person. 

Andrew Yang signing and sketching for each customer

Prettyyy Marniiii
Left: when Alaia makes friends with Christopher Kane; Right: Rodarte (the dress is almost as intricate as the real thing!)
May your clothes still be with us, McQueen

The Kouklitas Runway A/W 2010 Collection is now on display at Joyce @ New World Tower, Central, HK.
Time to revisit your childhood fantasies.

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Teresa said...

What a cool collection of dolls! I would love to check out the exhibit!