Tuesday, November 16, 2010

jet. set. chow (ciao).

purple*bliss mix tape vol. 2  

Finally got my act together and compiled purple*bliss mixed tape vol. 2. This time it's all about travel - a little bit of the "every day is a holiday" mood - taking you on a musical journey around the world from the hectic streets of Tokyo to a quiet stroll in a Parisian park and across the ocean again to the South American festivities; from lounging on the beach on the Cayman Islands to getting lost amongst an Gaudi architecture in Barcelona and finally winding up in the amazing cities of Italy with one of my favorite songs - Beirut's Postcards from Italy.

'Gelato' may seem a bit out of context as this mix tape's name... but personally it symbolizes the freedom and pleasure that traveling gives me - that vacationing on a foreign land is the one time I will truly allow myself to indulge in decadent things I normally restrain myself to ... like gelato...
It could be gelato, or it could be a Swedish massage or a bottle of Cava... whatever it is, hopefully these songs will take you to some place where you can enjoy a bit of indulgence and relaxation from the hectic days before the year's end.

Songs List:
Departure Lounge  - Karminsky Experience
Rio De Amor ~ Feat. Pamela Driggs - Paris Match
Tokio - Doktor Zoil
L'amoureuse - Carla Bruni
Like Castanets - Bishop Allen
Cayman Islands - Kings of Convenience
Barcelona - Giulia y los Tellarini
Horchata - Vampire Weekend
Postcards from Italy - Beirut

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