Wednesday, December 1, 2010

lover boy

Alexa Chung's no stranger to such fashionable lists as "It Girls" and "Best-Dressed", but it wasn't until this tomboyish Brit moved Stateside that her laid-back look got blogged by just about every street style blog and snapped by fashion magazines around the globe. Her current residency in Brooklyn (Williamsburg to be precise) seemed to be a contributing factor to her soar in style icon status, as she has since then designed a collection for Madewell and even has a Mulberry bag name after her. But her open affection for Brooklyn is what I resonate with the most - and this video is a pleasure to watch especially for those who've been there/ lived there/ thrifted there. Visit Amarcord if you haven't (and no, it's not owned by Penelope Cruz... but by two awesome Italian owners)!
And Alexa's absolutely right - Williamsburg will always be the lover.

I miss you 11211 - my lovahhh boyy!

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