Monday, March 9, 2009

audrey tautou does madame coco proud

New York Mag's The Cut blog just posted the trailer of Coco Avant Chanel, the biopic about the legendary designer played by French darling Audrey Tautou, and I had to watch it right away. Though I didn't understand a single word of French (the trailer had no subtitles), the scenes of French Riveria and the wonderful costumes plus Audrey's lovely face were already enough to capture my interest. AND some of the clothes in the movie were supposedly directly loans from the Chanel archives! Let's hope the movie will hit the U.S. not too long after its release in France next month.

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Maddie said...

i don't know how to leave a comment on the whole blog itself, so i will just leave it here.

i wanted to say i like this blog and will keep checking in on it! really good!