Friday, September 25, 2009

Diana who?

Happy Friday Happy News! I just found out that I won a free Diana Mini camera from Stylecaster's giveaway contest with my pictures from San Sebastian! I am uber excited since I never win anything from giveaways and raffles, and the prize being a Diana Mini(!) just totally made my entire weekend. I know the original Diana has been a long time Lomo-fan favorite, but the pocket-size Mini is just so damn cute and so much more portable. The last time I shot with a Lomo camera was probably in high school, when I first got my 4-frame Action Sampler, which since then I had completely abandoned at home home (I know, I'm horrible, but that's also when little digital camera thingys became popular). But I'm really excited to pick up lomography again now that I have a new toy and hopefully this time around I'll be more loyal to my Mini! I just need to get used to shooting with 35mm film and minus digital zoom (hah!).


mikomiao said...

omg, that thing is adorable. i totally want one. :-)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Your blog is amazing! I'm loving your style!