Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ghosts of theyskens' past

Nina Ricci Resort(?) '10 collection by Peter Copping

So fall hasn't even been a quarter into the season, and Olivier Theyskens' final collection for Nina Ricci has practically just landed on the fall racks, but the French company's had no time to wait and has already put up on its website pictures of the new collection which is not designed by Theyskens, but by his replacement and new creative director, Peter Copping. Seemed like a bitter sayonara between Theyskens and Nina Ricci indeed.
Copping is a Central St. Martins alum and has worked under Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton for more than a decade prior to this. The playfulness often found in Jacobs' clothes is also seen here in Copping's maiden collection with Nina Ricci. Fused with French femininity, the clothes are soft and fluid, and with their wearability it already seems like an easy seller.

Nina Ricci A/W '09 runway by Olivier Theyskens

So which one do you prefer? Theyskens' moonlit inspired fierce heroine farewell collection, or Copping's Parisian chic lady-like debut?

Images via Nina Ricci, style.com


Vint Junky said...

I'm immediately drawn to the Copping collection, who'd have thought i'd want white fishnet tights!!
Thysken's is dark and edgy which i do like but seems very samey to alot of collections out there, whereas Copping's feels abit fresher

by char C said...

i agree, and am getting a little bit tired of the whole balmain disco edgy looks as well. but i have to say that was my most favorite collection by Theyskens for Nina Ricci!