Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just follow the yellow brick road


It's October!! The weather has definitely been getting chillier so it's officially time to pile on layers, put on those tall boots, and bundle up. I am happily obliged to do so, since I froze my butt off at the concert/ screening of Wizard of Oz in Central Park the other day and almost went home with numb toes. Can you believe this year's the 70th anniversary of the movie? I have no idea "Over the Rainbow" has been with us for so long! With today's technology, we get so critical with the CG effects in movies, but back in 1939 they already had witches vanishing into the air and horses changing colors! The set design and the "special" effects were pretty incredible. And it's always fun to watch the scarecrow dance and Dorothy sing. Here's my homage to the famous yellow brick road (hope you're not sick of my collage frenzy just yet!).

*Wearing a striped long-sleeve Tee bought in Japan, plaid tank top bought in HK, harem pants by Warehouse, boots by RAS, scarf by DKNY, lucite ring by Alexis Bittar, blazer by Relacher, and shoe clip (worn on blazer pocket) by Marni


Anonymous said...

I adore your blazer!

Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore ur shirt,boots and the awesome harem pants <333