Friday, October 2, 2009

tough love: Balmain


A letter to Christophe Decarnin:

Dear Monsieur Decarnin,

You're no doubt one of the hottest designers in fashion right now. Celebrities are dying to wear your designs, to an extent that they will willingly take the risk of appearing in US Weekly's "Who Wore it Best?" page wearing the same sequined dress at the same event. Whatever you show on the Balmain runway, high-street chain stores will happily translate into gazillion different versions that all easily sell like hot cakes. Whilst most commoners (like myself) do not have $9000 to spend on your jacket or even $2000 to spend on a pair of ripped jeans, not all of us wants to walk out with the same H&M jacket for a Balmain-esque look either. So thank you, for making DIY easier next spring with your tattered tops, army surplus store-available military jackets, and especially those bullet belts, because I already own a killer one that will get me ready for any battle next season.

Till next Paris Fashion Week,
xoxo - purple*bliss


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idée_géniale said...

This is so cute!

*Oh and congrats! You've won my giveaway! I'll email you to work out the details (since you live in NY we could maybe meet up).

idée_géniale said...

I can't seem to find your email. Let me know if your free next week!

Zhcsyra hp said...

love the style lyk this :))
whooa ur bullets waist belt lyk a hell.,.i want it :DD