Monday, August 23, 2010

label love: a way back into love

33 degrees Celsius, blazing sun, and suffocating streets... what's better than a last-minute getaway to some secluded beach resort or relaxing yacht trip to spend the last couple days of summer? You might not be jetting off to the French Riveria, but wherever you're off to relax you should still dress your best a la chic resort style, and here's where Milin's SS10 collection comes into play. Bangkok-based Milin is one of my favorite up-and-coming Asian fashion brands that offers a fresh approach towards clean, urban designs. Many a times brands/ designers emerging from Southeast Asia tend to draw inspiration from the layered style popularized by the Japanese but end up in fussy, unflattering designs. Milin focuses on modern contours and instead uses captivating prints to define each collection. Its clothes are "elegant, sensual, yet rebellious" - sounds like my cup of tea already. In fact, not unsimilar to NYC's Vena Cava, another one of my faves. What I also love about Milin is the subtle sense of humor found in if not its clothes, the names of its collections: "Let them Eat Cake", "The Witch List", and this Spring/ Summer's "(A) Way Back Into Love".

The first thing that comes into mind is undoubtedly that cheesy song from Music & Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's. Thankfully the clothes did not take us back to 80's boy band era, but instead on a beach holiday to find summer love. Lots of breezy silk tank tops,  candy-colored mini-dresses, graphic nautical prints, and maxi dresses with ornamental details that would take you from lounging by the pool to a fancy beach side dinner in simply one outfit. The elegant but oh-so-cute swimwear is a must-have for your season finale beach party. Milin also offers a covetable range of jewelry (too bad it's not shown in its looks!). Thai designers are definitely ones to watch so hopefully their fashion scene won't be hindered by the recent political unrest in Bangkok. Find a way back into loving Thailand!


G said...

you're back! yayyy

WILDasaMINK said...

Ah its been a long time! Thanks for introducing this label to me, never heard of them but I like what I'm seeing...their spring collection is very airy, light, and I'm thinking I love it.