Thursday, September 2, 2010

like mother like daughter

Why fashion?

This is a question I get asked at every job interview, and yet I still don't know the perfect answer to it. It's like being asked "Why do you like him?",  do you really know why? It's difficult to pinpoint all the reasons! Though one thing I know is that my parents were a great influence to my interest in clothes today. I still remember vividly some 18 years ago that day when I was sitting on the plush couch outside the changing room in the Max Mara store in Milan, being asked by my mom whether the lavender suit looked better on her or the green apple one. She had a daring sense of style (Moschino was one of her favorites) and still does for her age. Most mothers may have lost their fashion sense with kids coming along or with age, but I'm a firm believer that you don't need to submit to mom jeans or baggy sweaters even when you're stepping into your 50's or driving a van to take your kids to school. The coolest moms are those who juggle their impossible daily tasks wearing chic, contemporary outfits; they do not sacrifice style.

Comptoir des Contonnier highlights and celebrates all stylish moms with their signature "mother and daughter" campaigns. For several seasons the brand has been casting mother and daughter pairs as their campaign and runway models. The pair would have completely different styles, yet embody the same naturalness and modernity that defines the clothes of Comptoir des Contonnier. The mothers, age ranging from 30's to 60's, all look so effortlessly cool. The French aren't the only ones singing praises to stylish moms; Urban Outfitters held a photo contest early summer calling all style icon mothers out there. I hope one day when I become a mother I would be one of them - or at least still have fun with fashion, like my parents do, yes, both my mom and my dad. Just look at my dad's typical week of golfing outfits below and you'll get what I mean....

A different color for every day of the week

Flaunt your best style at all times! Embrace and celebrate the natural process of aging -- the ever-amazing Iris Apfel  is the perfect example that great style could go well with gray hair.
I may not agree with my parents' taste every time, but I'm grateful for their fashion influence that has been passed onto me.

I swear the matching leopard accents is a total coincidence...


UnoCosa said...

i really enjoyed reading this post & the photo - stylish mother is best ;-) xx

Anonymous said...

although my mom hasn't succumbed to mom jeans and baggy tops, her wardrobe of zzz suits isn't really to die for..I think only her collection of scarves is :p

You're lucky you can share clothes with your mom haha! love c-ma and c-ba! ;)

ps, i wish comptoir was in hk!

eatingsumo said...

i love your parents. they're so YOUNG! i dont think my dad owns anything in his closet that isn't black, grey, white, blue or beige

mikomiao said...

i really have to thank our parents for their embrace of color and style. you're right - although our taste may not always be the same, i've been undeniably influenced, for the better, by their bold and unabashed style choices over the years. and the fact that they are so comfortable expressing it!